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Which Types of Mosaic Tiles are Available?                    

Mosaic tiles are arguably by far the most well known type of tile used in home. Mosaic tiles are very small tiles generally smaller than 2 inches across, and as small as 1/2 inch. Tesserae, or "mosaic tiles", are small tiles of various shapes and colors that can be made from natural stone, marble or glass.

Mosaic tiles may be found in a wide array of color combinations, sizes and designs that allow you to create the look you want in your home. While most ceramic tiles are smooth-surfaced, wood grain ceramic tiles are usually textured similar to wood to achieve a realistic appearance. Colorful wood mosaics are spectacular however they do have a slight disadvantage in contrast with other sorts of floor tiles; the lines in the different textures snare the dust and dirt.

Mosaics for the Kitchen Areas

Kitchen floor tiles are hard and very much durable so they can be applied easily for a very long period of time. Now a day's kitchen floor tiles are available in various designs and colours and textures which gets contrast with the wall colour and give a fashionable look to your kitchen. These materials are flexible and come in a variety of shapes and colours. Flooring products that may be found in vinyl, polyurethane, linoleum, cork, and rubber materials. These floors are resilient because they are more durable and more easily cleaned than traditional floor materials. Since maintenance is no longer a major factor in the care of stone, the leading determinant regarding porcelain versus stone may be the economic factor. Coloration alternatives are variable. Grout color can be chosen to complement or contrast with the tile. Tones of color combined with metallic highlights give Montage added depth and dimension.

A backsplash is the area between the counter-tops and upper cabinets in a kitchen, or around the sink in a bathroom. Without a backsplash, water, condensation and grease could damage the drywall, leading to costly and inconvenient repairs. This back splash also happens to be the exterior wall of the kitchen addition, which was built with concrete blocks made from crushed black rock instead of the more usual gray. If you like the urban industrial look of concrete and don't want to build with concrete blocks, choose a stone or ceramic tile lookalike and use black grout between the tiles.

Your kitchen backsplash can accent your kitchen and it can be both functional as well as beautiful since it can be crafted from such easy to clean materials as ceramic and stainless steel, which are two of the most popular types of kitchen backsplashes. Whether you are changing the look of the backsplash or adding one this can be a quick and easy way to brighten up an existing kitchen.

What about Glass Mosaic Tiles?

Glass Mosaic Tiles Images are often made in small batches by cutting strips from a sheet of thin colored glass. When we think of glass mosaic tiles we typically think of a standard, gridded pattern. Although this style is by far the most widely made use of it is by no means the only style of tile available. Historically, such glass mosaic pieces would be hand cut into 'smalti'. Stained glass mosaic projects can include personal accessories as well as home and garden décor. Stained glass mosaic tiles and small bits of stained glass may be translucent or opaque.

Mosaics for the Floor?

Mosaic flooring is often misunderstood and many people often picture a full, massive mosaic picture which should belong in an old fashioned church or building of a number of sorts. Kitchen Floor tiles are not tough to install, very easy to install and very much convenient to use and to maintain. Kitchen Floor tiles are water resistive so it can easily withstand all the stain and spills which falls on floor while working in kitchen and maintain the smoothness and shininess of the kitchen floor.

Kitchen glass tiles , on the other hand, are easy to clean by comparison and require little maintenance. Water damage is rarely an issue provided to take care of it regularly. There are many things like durability and ease of cleaning that should be considered when you choose material for the same. Glass tile backsplash is becoming much popular these days due to the amazing look it gives to the entire area.

Many people are afraid of using an artistic mosaic tile in their homes. This is sad because these tiles can be utilised to add color and texture to the decor of almost any room in the house. The possibilities they offer are almost endless. Made use of correctly, they can cause a space to immediately feel either more relaxing or more vibrant. Another benefit of glass tiles is that installation is not really any different than regular ceramic tile installation, the same wall adhesive or mortar is used to affix them, and the same non-sanded grout is used to fill in the gaps between the tiles. If you have laid ceramic tile, stone tile or any other mosaic tile before, installing glass mosaic tile will be a breeze.

The arrival of the Art Nouveau movement saw pursued interest in mosaic patterns and art; a stunning example of this is the work of Antoni Gaudi and Josep Maria Jujol as seen in the mosaics in Guell Park created in the 20th century. In modern days, the demand for glass tile has increased as they are not very expensive anymore and really improve the overall outlook of your interiors. Even though ceramic tiles are a less costly option, the modern generation is giving preference to glass mosaic tile.

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